Putter or leaver

Post date: Aug 06, 2013 9:38:7 AM

Tony came home yesterday talking about the two types of people in the world - Putters and Placers. Putters have a designated place for things and will always put things in the same place. Means when they want to find things they can go directly to the place and thing will be thereUnless of course a placer has come behind . . A placer puts something down where they are at the time. Needs the thing again and needs to search for where the place might have been.

I went looking for the source - not psychological research but a comedian. Jon Richarson. I can't see the YouTube clip cos it can't be viewed outside the UK. But he talks about Putters and Leavers. Lots of people have taken this idea and built in it.


I think Tony and I are both naturally leavers - apparently you usually only get one in a relationship so we are