It is practically here

Post date: Dec 24, 2013 10:5:58 AM

Tomorrow wil be a busy day. The stockings are now under tree - everything is set.

There are no Grinches in the house tonight - though I have been quoting text all day.

Tomorrow will be the Christmas sing, and the Christmas feast. I am pretty sure we will feast and we will feast and feast, feast, feast

Christmas Eve and at the moment the house is quiet - only Matk and I are still up. Ele, Dennis and Giosue arrived at 6 but after 40 hours of continuous travel and little sleep they have the shattered look. There is an Adrian sized gap in our home and our hearts. Though not on the couch - with 8 adults there are no gaps in the couches at all!!!!

We have very much enjoyed our five days (feels like longer) with family have been very special. Very much a comfortable place to be. It is a real tribute to the strength of Stacey and Tim's love for their respective Kirby kids that they also slot in as if they were always meant to be here.