Rita & Douglas

Post date: Apr 12, 2014 10:59:30 AM

Great night. Feel cultured.

One of the things we quite like about going to theatre is we feel young - we are in the younger half of audience!!

Been to the theatre tonight to see NZ play based on letters between Rita Angus - famous NZ artist who lived 1908-1971. We have learned a lot more about her life, including her periods of psychiatric illness, quaintly diagnosed as "acute toxic psychosis" and her on again, off again relationship with another famous (though not as famous) NZer - composer Douglas Lilburn. The whole dialogue was letters Rita had written to Douglas and he obviously kept. There was no replies - presumably Rita did not keep his letters to her. Michael Houston (living NZ pianist of some renown) was Douglas - and although he didn't speak he did play grand piano almost the whole time - all Lilburn compositions. Rita Angus paintings were projected onto stage. This picture is one of Rita Angus well known works - fishing boats in Island Bay.