Wellington's version of Franklin St

Post date: Apr 23, 2015 10:4:9 AM

The war memorial was built in 1932 designed so carillon tower was visible from most areas of the capital. At that time there was a proposal to create a boulevard to link the memorial to Courtenay Place. This never happened. The museum of Wellington was behind war memorial so when I was young if you went to the museum you went here there really was nothing else around it to visit. When museum moved into Te Papa the whole area became isolated. Massey University moved into site - so old museum and memorial used as function venues rather than teaching spaces. Govt bought back land in 2005 and the war memorial and war museum have been redeveloped.

Think the development is amazing - and we do need to go again in daylight to get true sense of park. No so convinced about a museum dedicated to war.

Lovely to be back home tonight. I have been privileged to have 2 trips to Melbourne in quick succession. Tony and I took advantage of the lovely evening to go and visit the light and sound show at the new Pukeahu Park. This week the war memorial is lit up with sound and light show.

We joined thousands of others walking up the hill and through the new park. Reminded us a lot of driving up Franklin Rd in Auckland to see the Christmas lights.

My phone not the best for images but you get the sense

This is the closest we are likely to get an ANZAC commemoration - though the parade tomorrow passes within 2 mins of my office so I may see that.