Happy Moehanga Day

Post date: Apr 26, 2016 9:50:56 PM

Thought you guys might appreciate this image and caption I saw on facebook:

Today is Moehanga Day in the United Kingdom. #Onthisday in 1806 Great Britain was discovered by Moehanga. Of course, various indigenous, white-skinned tribes had already inhabited the British Isles for thousands of years, but Moehanga was the first Māori to discover Britain. The British natives were in awe of Moehanga’s tattoos and they insisted he meet their chieftain King George III.

When Moehanga arrived on the island he saw families living in primitive, damp and unsanitary conditions and a brutal society that punished almost any act of disobedience, from theft to living with gypsies, with death. The Britons were a warlike people, renowned and feared for their prowess at fighting other European tribes and even raiding and conquering lands and taking slaves on distant continents.

Today Britain is a thriving multi-cultural nation, producing a range of quality exports whilst preserving its rich heritage and traditions. Happy Moehanga Day! #OTD #Moehanga #MoehangaDay