Post date: Mar 06, 2012 7:57:38 AM

The Belgian circus we went to see was differentiated by the fact that we swapped from back stage to front stage at half time although, or course, both front and back were flat out entertaining.

The first half was mildly irritating, particularly the large old man you can see in the you tube clip. But they began to grow on us in the second half with their combination of slapstick, vaudeville and skills. The set was amazingly turn of the century (19-20) and all the equipment looked old and decrepit. Some of the acting was amazing and some was just amazing (in a bad way) but I think what we got was a passable rendition of an old style circus troupe (on a tight budget).

In the end Sandra and I felt quite fond of the characters (in the main) and that is all you can really ask.