When parents put their oar in

Post date: Mar 29, 2015 9:31:47 AM

News headlines in NZ this week have been dominated by 3 stories - the cricket; the Northland by-election and the parents of 2 boys from St Bedes. These 2 boys are rowers - travelling as part of St Bedes rowing team to the national cup. As a travelling team there were rules and a signed code of conduct - basically boys agreed they would behave and if they didn't they would be sent home. Flew Chch- Auckland coaches left boys to collect luggage while they went to collect van to drive to Cambridge. These 2 boys decided that riding the luggage conveyor would be a laugh. Unfortunately airport security didn't find it funny - nor did coaches. So having caused security alert at Auckland airport coaches said boys had breached code of conduct. Called school principal - he agreed and said boys should be sent home and not be part of team.

These boys don't appear to have been angels. At least one of them had been involved in an incident at last year's rowing cup that set fire to a road. So not like they hadn't been warned. Boys sent home.

Anyway parents of these boys said " Not our boys. We want them to go to cup. Boys will be boys" or whatever. As well as saying these things they also shelled out $20,000 to get lawyers and took school to court to successfully overturn school decision. Boys got to go back.

Certainly has generated much discussion in media and social media. Not much support for parents; great deal of support for school.

Certainly not living up to school motto

There may have been some rough justice - although St Bedes had strong team they didn't win this year.