It must be Stephen's

Post date: Feb 11, 2012 9:26:56 AM

Apologies to Adrian and Maria who already know part of this story - so I am breaking my own rules but in the interests of family history it is a story to be shared.

It all started on Wednesday when I noticed a missed call on my cell phone. No message so I called back the number. Automatic voice answered to say I had reached the Air NZ offices at Melbourne airport. Left me puzzled but not wiser. Thursday also missed a call. Friday I actually got the call.

So Air NZ man from Melbourne airport tells me they have found a cell phone down the back of a safe at the airport. They are trying to identify owner. He asked what our home number was - and apparently our number is listed as "home" on this phone and my 021 number is "Mum". So this phone is being sent back to Welington for me to pick up.

Thinking that I could match mobile with child so called Adrian who swears that he hasn't lost a cellphone at Melbourne only an iPod. "this time it's not me" he said. Texted Maria who swears she has had the same phone for 4 years (technically this is not true. As she bought herself a new iPhone last year but gave Tim her other phone) . I'm pretty sure Mark has never been to Melbourne so now we have a phone that has my 021 number as Mum, our home number as "home" and no owner. Only one option - it must be Stephen's phone!

Take that Lachlan!

We are a bit shocked by the news that today Merivale Mall has been designated too unsafe to enter following a re inspection. This is after several months of it being declared safe - Will leave a number of people including Jenny and Gran feeling vulnerable again.

Take care