Floral Notes

Post date: Apr 11, 2012 10:21:45 AM

Not long home from the theatre where we have seen Floral Notes. This musical was written by Geraldine Brophy (Arthritis New Zealand ambassador) and Jane Keller (the woman Maria refers to as the screecher from St Andrews). So tonight the theatre was booked out by Arthritis and St Andrews as a fundraiser. I was the only one there that knew virtually everyone. My worlds collided and with not too bad results. St Andrews had oversold their seat allocation and Arthritis didn't which was a shame but such appears to be our lot at the moment.

The show was very good - Lesley that came with us described it as "charming" which was apt I think. Not too soppy, quite a bit of music but not overpowering

Nana went back to Chch this afternoon - which was a pity as she would have enjoyed the show tonight. I head to Chch tomorrow so Nana may feel over familied - or not!