Happy Internet Day

Post date: Oct 29, 2013 9:3:29 AM

So today is Happy Internet Day - and what better way to celebrate than to blog!

Of course over the last 44 years the rise of email has resulted in the decline of postal services!

Every day is the anniversary of something and today is no exception . . .October 29 1969 was notable because a message was sent from a computer at UCLA to another computer at Stanford over the predecessor to the internet. In a sign of things to come

the system crashed on the second letter

There is no record of what was in the message though the technician who did it was later quoted as saying "We tried for log in but only got as far as L O"

There is also the comment that the ARPNET was built using an honour system - comment that if you were building it now it would have far more checks and balances and therefore less spam!