City of Angels

Post date: Aug 03, 2016 2:39:11 PM

Day 3 of our stay in LA and this place feels quite familiar. Not because of the many movie locations but because I played GTA V.

It's quite surreal recognising places like the Grove and Sunset Blvd from a videogame... just shows how far these things have come.

So far it's been a great trip, we hired a "fullsize" car, thinking it would be great for the extra space between long bouts in cramped economy seats. However fullsize in America means something entirely different.

We were allowed to choose from a lineup of massive vehicles, deciding on a 2016 Doge Charger. Great car but you need about 10 lanes to do a U turn. Fortunatley with the many 10 lane roads thats not a problem. Very glad for the car, this is certainly not a waling city.


The first day we walked down Hollywood Blvd trodding on the names of movie and TV stars. This place is a bit scummier than you'd imagine and lousy with crazies. The Chinese theatre was impressive, preparing for some premier that night.

After that headed to the Science museum and saw something to make Dad jealous - the Endeavour Space Shuttle and its massive but less impressive auxiliary fuel tank.

Finished the evening off with some standup at a local comedy club, 40 comics each getting 5 mins each, there were some hits (and misses ("Crutons are the only thing that drowns out the voices in my head.... because they're so crunchy" ) and even a celebrity appearence (Rob Corddry). It was a great show.

Yesterday checked out the Grove and the Farmers market before driving down to Laguna beach and chilling for a while.

Better go now, we're off to Griffith Observatory then driving up to Vegas.

Super excitied to see you all soon!