Our warm up wedding

Post date: Sep 26, 2015 10:9:14 AM

We are in Dunedin for Jamie Grindley's wedding. Been great to be here and celebrate with them- has underlined how close we are to leaving for our own family wedding adventure.I suspect the weddings will be different - and so they should as wedding ceremonies should reflect the couple. Jamie ( now known as James) and Katherine (same name and spelling as Katie's real name except that Katherine has always been Katherine, never Kate. And her second name is Rose. So really Jamie married his sister and his mother) Let me start that sentence again given the number of asides made the sentence incomprehensible. Jamie and Katherine had a very, very traditional wedding ceremony taken by the fundamentalist pastor from the church they both attend. Speeches contained many references to Jesus as well as to James and Katherine. But as hopefully this photo shows they looked extremely happy

And although we are back at motel by 10pm as ceremony started at 1:30 it has been a long day.