Success is ageing

Post date: Mar 18, 2016 5:53:35 AM

News today that the Success Boy from meme is no longer cute baby but annoying 10 year old

My illusions shattered

Story quite lovely but shows power imbalance in use of social media.

At just under 1 year old little Sammy Grinder was quite the wee bruiser. His proud mum captures a shot of little Sammy with determined look on his face and fist in the air and posts it on Flickr.

In the way only social media can people picked up little Sammy's photo and started to use it to illustrate their success moments - and he became known as "Success Boy meme".

Appears Mum and Sammy got no monetary benefits from that. In the last few years though Sammy's dad needed a new kidney, they started a fundraising page; wasn't doing too well (as per most fundraising pages) but when mum added Success Boy meme to page suddenly they got the £68000 in a matter of days

So success boy did benefit - or family did.