Know your Wurth - or because you are Wurth it

Post date: Feb 16, 2017 3:28:13 AM

Thought this story might make you smile - seems too long for a Hangout

This morning one of our admin team asked me if I knew anything about a Paypal donation from Malta - my answer was No but it turns out I did…..

On Monday Peter, the Arthritis NZ President was telling the Board members that in the weekend he hosted Reinhold Wurth, who is No 143 on the Forbes Rich List, at his bach in Waipu. One of Peter’s daughters is the nurse/crew member on the Wurth super yacht, pictured above, which has been cruising around NZ for a few months. The Wurths were keen to experience a local family meal . . .

For the lunch Peter provided his specialty “camp oven potatoes” and Sue, his wife, provided a cake for one of the Wurth granddaughter-in-laws birthday. The Wurths provided everything else (food, wine, crockery, cutlery, tables, chairs, the band and so on)

Anyway Mr Wurth wanted to pay Peter for the use of his property - Peter declined. Later on Peter gets a text from his daughter to say they are keen to cover their costs. Peter suggested a donation to Arthritis New Zealand and said you can do this easily through the website. The $2000 from Malta is explained…….

There was another delightful part to the story which is the band. Peter said that he got this text to say is it OK to bring a band?He thought it would be fine - wondered which local chamber group might be invited. Turns out they had booked Fat Freddie's Drop; Catchafire and Anika Moa - were going to bring one or 2 of the three. But during the week when the yacht was in the Bay of Islands they had a local duo come on board to entertain one night. Mr Wurth so impressed with them he cancelled the pre-arranged bookings (assume they were paid) and invited the 2 locals from Paihia or wherever.