If at first you don't succeed

Post date: Jan 25, 2012 7:9:4 AM

Now the important news first. Today is Robbie Burns birthday - or it would be if he hadn't died Over 200 years ago. Wonder what a 253year old poet would write. Something more comprehensible than "Fair for your honest soncie face; Great chieftain o the pudin race; Aboon them all you tak your place; warm, reekin, rich"

And that is him talking about haggis!

But Adrian sent me something today that I just have to pass on. I can't cut and paste so you are getting my version. Though I must stress this is we understand a true story

Couple are trying to have a baby - years of trying no luck. Couple get tested - find out husband is infertile. After much discussion they hatch a plan - next door neighbor is good looking man, not dissimilar in looks to husband and the couple have 3 children. They are short of money. So our baby hunters pay man equivalent of $NZ5000 to make babies with baby hunter lady. Neighbors wife not as excited by the plan as the other 3 but her husband (baby maker) says we really need the money so all goes ahead. Baby hunter wife and baby maker have baby making appointment twice a week for 6 months (50+attempts) with no success. Agree that baby maker man should get tested but in the meantime they keep attempting 20 more times before his test results show he is also infertile. At which point baby makers wife confesses to long term affair and in fact the 3 kids we fathered by another man.

Baby hunter couple seek to sue baby maker. His defense - he was making an honest attempt - actually we can say more than 70 honest attempts!

There are a lot of losers in this story but few winners and our baby hunters are still childless. Can I draw a common theme. We know Robbie tried and succeeded in making babies with a number of different woman. He was less successful in making money. Like van Gogh he died dirt por but found fame after death. Our baby hunters had money but not babies -despite all attempts. I wonder what their next tactic wil be.

Hope it makes you smile on Burns night. And if you really want to express your Scottish heritage today you will eat haggis, mashed turnips and potatoes.