The restaurant seems to be much better than its namesake

Post date: Mar 27, 2016 9:40:4 AM

Today there were no pirates or Buccaneers in Akaroa - though among the thousands of tourists I am sure there were some less than honest ones Not us though

Lunch in Akaroa today was a chance for 8 of us to be together, including Nana and Jenny. More whanau would have been welcome- though people mover was at capacity on way home. We lunched at restaurant called Bully Hayes - a notorious sailor/trader/pirate. More famous/infamous in Central Otago - Lake Hayes near Queenstown is named after him. Sounds like a nasty character - a boxer and a bully gave Hom the Bully name. Among his Banks Peninsula tales are the one where he abducted a bar woman from Lyttleton who was never seen again and also took 8 bullocks from farmer in Little Akaloa without payment. At the time bullocks were more precious than gold so this was a real setback for Farmer Green of Little Akaloa.