Harbour of two halves

Post date: Jun 17, 2015 7:54:19 AM

Been slow in posting this but each day I look at Wellington harbour I think about our amazing day on Sunday. We decided on Sunday, because it was such a lovely day, to go out for lunch on the waterfront. The inner harbour was beautiful -sun was shining; the harbour was calm - so calm there were yachts becalmed in the harbour. Tony of course hasn't been out much so this was a chance for him to be out and to have a special lunch with Nana. We had a great lunch at the new cafe under the redeveloped overseas terminal building. So after lunch we thought we'd take a drive around the south coast because Tony and Nana feeling good -to check out the views of the South Island and Mark's old house at Owhiro Bay before going home. Although I know that Wellington weather can be variable - raining in J'ville; fine in town or the reverse. I have never seen such a contrast as the difference between Evans Bay and Lyall Bay - 2 km and a different world. While the harbour in Evans Bay was still and calm the sea at Lyall Bay and around the south coast there were swells of over 6m. We stopped alongside many others to watch these incredible waves. Then we started driving around - the waves had crashed over the road in various places dropping boulders and logs on the road. It was a whole different world on the south coast

The south coast weather made the news but they didn't show the still, calm world only 2 km away