Farewell Adrian

Had a brief call from Adrian at the airport in Melbourne before his credit ran out. We (Adrian and I) have been speculating (tho less intensively than the commentators) about when it will be that all four Whitelock brothers are on the field at the same time for the Crusaders. Likewise we briefly had two Kirby's separately in Australia, although in different cities. We've also had Mark, Sandra and Tony in London, and Adrian had each of his siblings with him in Osaka. Tony, Sandra and Maria in Australia and Adrian and Sandra....permutations are not endless but numerous nonetheless.

Anyway we have much enjoyed Adrian's time with us and it will be very quiet without him. No-one to interest me in upcoming sports events, although when you were in Japan Adrian you could often keep me in the loop, and even sometimes kept me updated about Super 14 (now 15) scores. I expect nothing less from the tri-nations! (finance not withstanding)

I've been working on getting a single master list of photos for everyone on Family and history. Will transfer 8 gb to Gran's digital photo frame over the next few days

and set them on 30 second cycle so Gran can get a good look at each picture....will keep her interested and able to brag to visitors for months but lacks the impact

of the Snapfish book, which looks absolutely fantastic.

And below, a side of Pop you may not have seen.