Balls-y promotion

Post date: Apr 30, 2015 7:49:3 AM

Within Arthritis NZ we, like many health organisations, spend a bit of time talking about how to raise awareness particularly for hard to reach target markets - like men especially young men. We are very happy with our gout campaign featuring Neemia Tialata that features in programmes watched by our male target audience like rugby league. However I am in awe of the American testicular cancer organisation that has managed to get their message inside a movie that obviously has men as its target market. In the midst of the porno movie "Game of Balls" the actress stops and faces camera to give a "Check your testicles" message and then shows how to. They then (apparently because I haven't viewed movie) go back to the main feature. Mind you at least one review on web says the ad in the middle spoils the art of the movie. Is this gendre really art??

Promotion has gone viral - and of course the media publicity doesn't do any harm.