Frankly speaking

Post date: Oct 12, 2012 8:49:49 PM

Frank's surname was Beaurepaire, and the tyre company still bears that name. In his later life Frank Besurepaire became Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

And we thought Vincent Martin started Beaurepaires!

Doesn't even look like Vince!

At airport about to leave Melbourne after a lovely week. We were there when Adrain received his first pay - a good feeling all round.

His first pay was a bit bigger (though maybe not proportionately) than the bonus received by a young Australian Olympic gold medal winner who was also a surf lifesaver.

This was early in 20th century. Frank was a terrific swimmer and represented Australia in the 1908 Olympics in England. His games started badly when he collapsed 6 miles into the 15 mile swim down the Thames (thinking of how dirty the Thames was in 1908 he probably suffered toxic shock) but did go on to win silver and bronze medals in shorter distance races. on his return to Australia Frank was given £500 for saving someone from a shark attack. With that money he was able to start a tyre business.