On celebrating

Post date: Dec 12, 2013 10:54:41 PM

Yesterday was Tim's big day - not only was it his birthday but he got the news that he had passed all his exams - both practical and theory. Theory exam mark was 97%, with top mark being 97.5. He has chosen not to appeal to find an additional 0.5 or more:-)

He is the only person in his wing that is not having to resubmit some part of the course work. His only tasks between now and graduation on Thursday are

    1. to learn the police haka

    2. to practice throwing cap in air and catching it again

    3. to practice marching - odds on he is a prize winner for his marks.

Exciting day marking the start of a month of increasing excitement

Mark and Stacey hopefully today in Tokyo as they make their way towards southern hemisphere.

Tony and I were remarking that this holiday season -the whole 12 days of Christmas will be one that quickly becomes a marker in the family history. Many events from now on will be talked about as before, during or after Christmas 2013.

here's to a fantastic 12 days of Christmas and a stunning 2014.