Gout in a box?

Post date: May 22, 2014 11:35:42 PM

I went out to buy some treats for a National Office staff meeting this morning – and the box offered me goût.We had a bit of fun thinking about gout in a box!

Goût (pronounced gu) is French for taste – so “de bon goût” means in good taste - not "gout is good" which it really isn't!

Goût, it turns out , is quite frequent in French idiom:

à chacun son goût

chacun son goût

à chacun ses goûts, and

chacun ses goûts all mean exactly the same thing - roughly translates as "each to their own taste" - or let's acknowledge the differences between people

If you want to discuss the arthritic condition we know as gout in France you would speak of la goutte.