What do you do if the potato breathes?

Post date: Jun 12, 2013 8:37:8 PM

Been a busy day today after slowish start. Managed to walk far enough this morning to get lost and get blisters!

Been at conference since midday, finished at 6:30, then straight out to dinner with Australian and NZ contingents.

Was at hotel long enough to find my door lock doesn't work, actually it works too well. the electronic card says door unlocked but it doesn't open. man has been trying to fix my door for the 3 hours we were out and he is still there so I am doing this blog in the hope he finishes and I can go to bed!!

We were taken to v fancy restaurant where the food was "interesting". Vichyssoise served in an espresso cup, Campari served in gelatine, then this fascinating dish that was served tepid - had 2 soft poached eggs and a pile of soft potato with a dollop of horseradish that looked like a sick belly button. Under to potato was mushroom. As soon as your fork touched the potato it breathed - bubbled and foamed. Reminded me most of a soy curd custard Adrian and I didn't eat in Osaka!

You really don't expect the potato to breathe so obviously.

Company was good as was the Rioja