Forgive us our trespasses

Post date: Sep 24, 2012 9:54:44 AM

Well I am nearly ready for the big adventure. Not quite packed but suitcase over full. Damn work stuff . .

I could tell travel horror stories but that would be no fun. Did see the news tonight about the man who was on a train that went over the Bronx zoo in NYC . He was obviously enjoying the sights as he passed overhead and decided he wanted to be "at one with the tigers" so he jumped out of train and landed in tiger pit. Broke his leg in the fall and obviously frightened the tiger who thought he was being attacked. Tiger picked up man and threw him around tiger pit as people visiting zoo were watching (and presumably screaming - this is in America after all). Eventually man was rescued by zookeeper and is now in hospital recovering from assorted wounds

Police are trying to decide what to charge him with - trespass is the most likely.

Wonder if the tiger will be forgiving of those who trespassed against him?