Aero bars can be scary

Post date: Sep 13, 2013 9:4:43 AM

Apparently 16% of the population suffer from(or is it experience) trypophobia - or a fear of irregularly patterned holes such as those in an Aero chocolate bar. If you are trypophobic the sight of an aero chocolate bar, or the bubbles on the top of a pikelet cooking will make your hands itch, your palms sweat and perhaps make you nauseous. Now the theory about trypophobia is not that the chocolate bar is dangerous but this irregular pattern of holes was a life saving trait back in the day. This kind of pattern occurs in poisonous plants and animals - so getting sick before you ate them prevented you dying after consumption. Less evolutionary need now.

As I type this Maria is in the air on her way to see Tim (and us). Lily is hyped up and waiting. I wonder who Maria is most excited about seeing .....actually I think I know the answer. We must buy some Aero chocolate to test for trypophobia In this family I think we eat it too quickly to know whether we react.