Where are they?

Post date: Nov 22, 2014 8:0:22 AM

Still feels odd to walk around central Chch. Quite disorienting.

There are not many people in the city but a proliferation of animal statues - fancy giraffes and these sheep.

Long time since there were more sheep than people in Chch

Christchurch has had a typical nor'wester day - was 29 by noon; 30 when we went for a walk in the gardens (loved the new visitor centre in gardens) then 11 and raining by 6pm. Even cooler than that now.

We are in Christchurch. The Arthritis NZ AGM was being held in Chch for first time since the earthquakes. Tony came down last night and we are staying an additional night to have weekend away prior to Christmas. We are staying in the Square where there are now 2 hotels reopened - in the midst of nothing. Hotel is comfortable.