How will it end?

Post date: Dec 18, 2012 9:24:15 AM

December 21, is the day after tomorrow and according to the Mayans the end of time.

How will the world end - there are apparently5 possibilities

    1. A planet, meteor or other celestial body will crash into Earth and cause us to explode. This apparently seems v unlikely - the are none currently on such a trajectory (though meteors are notoriously difficult to spot). This is very much the Melancholia scenario from the movie of the same name Tony and I saw earlier this year.

    2. A volcanic eruption - can you picture any volcano being able to cause all of the Earth to implode. Even if all the world's volcanoes erupted simultaneously which would be an unprecedented tragedy that would affect millions of people but hardly the whole planet. Unless the string of volcanicreuptions unleashed a tidal wave ten times bigger than the Boxing Day tsunami

    3. Solar storms - not sure how these work when they currently don't have much impact

    4. A terrorist attack - again coordinated ona scale not yet experienced. It would mean all the various terrorists joining hands even briefly and would in fact be the ultimate in suicide bombers

Given the various scenarios I do think I had better pay the mortgage and credit card payments as the y will be overdue on 22nd Dec

Hope whatever you are planning for 21st is a good one

Tomorrow is Marie's birthday