Cricket is dangerous

Post date: Jan 30, 2012 9:22:30 AM


Love Sandra/Mum

Hope whatever you are doing you feel some passion about it - but not enough to risk your life

Cricket does appear to invoke passions - but not in all.

This appears to be the first case where an umpire has killed a participant (I guess a spectator is a participant) - though in 2009 a player killed an umpire in a Welsh game - fielder picked up ball and threw it back towards wickets - missed and got umpire in the head. He died immediately.

We have always known that the people on the Indian subcontinent take their cricket seriously - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka. Been known to be riots when matches have gone the "wrong" way. Today this reached new heights (or depths). During a cricket match in Bangladesh a 15 year old boy got annoyed with umpire decision and ran onto field to protest. Umpire not impressed - grabbed cricket bat off batsman and hot boy on head. Boy apparently seemed OK - left filed, watched game, went home. Later that night died from bleeding on brain.Umpire initially denied any wrong doing - now in hiding.