It was the teacher's fault

Post date: May 11, 2012 10:6:25 AM

I was telling Adrian today that one of the people in my office got a call from her daughter's high school this week. Her daughter had a suspected broken jaw and needed medical attention .

She left the office wondering what on earth could have happened at school that would cause broken jaw - visions of fights/bullying/rugby practice. Turned out it was none of these things. Daughter had been in class and yawned. Yawn was quite a yawn as she did there was a loud crack heard and immediately one side of her face swelled and she was in a lot of pain. X rays showed jaw not broken but ligaments around jaw all strained.

Class was apparently very boring . . . So it was the teacher's fault. But not an accident in the ACC way as no external force.

We were all laughing in the office about this when Elena out delightful Russian receptionist said quietly "that happened to me when I was at school" so not an unknown phenomonen!