Destruction by searing heat or ice age?

Post date: Jul 12, 2015 10:11:51 PM

Criticism internationally that, when you unpack the accounting used in NZ's pledge to cut down green house emissions by 11% on 1999 levels by 2030, you find that ackshually, at the end of the day the true figure is more likely to be an 11% increase. The scientists who did the figuring out are scandalized. So am could they not know that this is the way NZ government always used statistics! On the lies, damn lies and statistics slogan. In fact the figures they have come up with are cleverly designed to allow NZ to take no meaningful action.

But as I drove back from dropping Sandra at work this morning I learned from a news headline that it is all okay. By 2030 new data suggests changed analysis of solar activity predicts that we will begin a new ice age. So perhaps we don't need to do anything.

Listening to the Northumbrian researcher however a few minutes later, it emerges that this might mean 2-3 degrees drop in temperature for a decade or so. Not quite an ice age! But more grist to the mill of climate change skeptics..