Post date: Aug 08, 2012 2:25:23 PM

Good evening everyone!

Have just finished the birthday I probably spent as happy as I have any birthday since I was a child. Felt amazing to be out of hospital and, even while I was in hospital this morning, it was great to skype with Mark and Stace! Tim, Livvie and Karl have continued to be wonderful but also I have found getting around to be incredibly easy, at least in comparison to what I had feared; I had been expecting to be an invalid but instead I have felt somewhat inconvenienced but capable of doing everything I have needed to.

We had an incredible dinner at Hellenic Republic, a Greek taverna on Lygon Street that ended up being an incredible bargin: just over $200 for a meal that left all of us extremely satisfied, plus a $50 bottle of sparkling wine. I must take Mum and Dad there when they visit. Star dishes were the truffle-scented split pea dip, the pork belly and Maria's choice, the semolina custard donuts but all the food was incredible. Below is a slideshow from the evening, each dish is featured:

Anyway, I will leave you now; 28, happy and contented!