Cultural capital

Post date: Jul 24, 2013 9:51:29 AM

Today we have actively tried to be a bit more active - the last few earthquake days have left us very much housebound and that has its own challenges for both of us. At lunchtime we decided to go to Porirua - the Pataka Gallery had a art exhibition we wanted to see. Photographer named Michael Joseph ( I kept wanting to say John Joseph man with two first names) He specialises in time lapse photography and goes into amazing places all around NZ and takes photos over a series of days to create a 24 hour time lapse sequence. They were incredible - we watched several of the sequences. We also were captivated by a second exhibition by an artist called Marian Maguire who has combined Maori stories of the Taranaki war times with Greek mythology so you get these amazing images like Titkokawaru discussing the meaning of truth with Socrates

It was great. And accessible - mobility par outside, good wheelchair access and eventually a sea at the café so we could have lunch.

Very different images as you can see but left us feeling quite inspired

We always enjoy Pataka when we get there and are amazed by the quality of the exhibitions they manage they manage to host. It is a cultural oasis

Also been out for dinner tonight with friends - provided we check the access and parking this is feasible. Not simple but feasible. Enjoyed the more sociable time.