Khokho the Kirby way

Post date: Jan 15, 2012 9:20:29 AM

I've been reading a bit about laughter today - and thought I might share it with you. Did you know that in 1962 in Tanzania when there was a recorded outbreak of laughing hysteria ? It all started with one girl laughing hysterically in a classroom in a boarding school for girls and spread throughout the building. Can you imagine this scene - with teachers and boarding school matron trying to stop the laughing? Couldn't do it - school closed; girls got sent home - but the laughter was then spread into the villages where the girls lived. Over 1000 people were affected including 200 people who were reported to have had laughing attacks with serious side effects including fainting, breathing problems, rashes, attacks of crying and random screaming.

The explanation for this laughing epidemic a was a form of mass hysteria in reaction to the nation's move to independence which happened at the same time and which instilled a new religion, political culture and way of life.

There are of course a huge range of studies which have shown that laughter does help people face times of stress with more resilience.

And to explain the tile - apparently one of the Indian languages Marathi - contains several words for laughter

Khudukhudu: The soft, pleasant laughter of an infant

Phidiphid: Vulgar and obscene laughter

Hyahya: Superficial, polite laughter

Khadakhada: Loud laughter of an infant

Khaskhas: Mild, appreciative laughter

Khokho: Loud, uproarious laughter

Khikhi: Horse-like laughter

Phisphis: Derogatory laughter

I think Khokho is good laughing but phidiphid is not!

May there be at the very least some Khaskhas in your day.

Love as ever