Perhaps historical version was right

Post date: Sep 16, 2016 8:19:42 AM

We were watching news tonight. There was an interview with Kieran Reid (current captain of the All Blacks) who made all the usual kinds of rugby comments - like the people with most points would win. I wasn't concentrating so much on his words as his ears. He has the most incredible pair of cauliflower ears. In medical terminology cauliflower ears are the result of repeated blunt trauma to the outer ear. Common in rugby, wrestling and boxing. The reason it is usually more common in front row players in rugby is because the trauma often happens in scrum so & rucks. With pack weights of 8-900kg what hope would a poor ear have? Apparently helmets and strapping are good prevention strategies but still not commonly used.

In the 1800s cauliflower ears were closely tied with insanity. In fact were seen as a mark of insanity. On investigation it seems the historical cauliflower ear may have been the result of the "care" provided in asylums rather than the cause!!

Some would say rugby and insanity closely aligned.

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