Might follow this guy's lead after Maria's wedding

Post date: Jul 25, 2013 1:48:51 AM

Good morning all,

Haven't posted in a while. Life is a little cold here but less shakey than Wellington I suspect. A bit jealous of Mark and Stace's mid-20s 'heatwave'.

Need to vacate my apartment by the end of next month and sadly no friends are currently looking for housemates. Have been looking for places online but everyone wants someone immediately. Pretty stressful. By the looks of the places available, I will end up in Brunswick which is fine (closer to Karl & Livvie, Tim & Hamish and Amie & Ben) but further away from the city.

Pretty excited about Maria's impending visit, for which I have secured a long weekend. The only plans I have made so far are to go to my favourite dumpling restaurant in Chinatown on the night she arrives. I have no shortage of friends keen to join us either as this place is famously (amongst us anyway) extremely cheap and very delicious! Between Maria in August, Mum & Dad in October and going to NZ in January, I'm going to see plenty of family in the next 6 months which is awesome!

Hit a year in Melbourne on Monday - time flies! I have also finally managed to do what I've been saying I would do since I got here, namely take a month off drinking. It has been good for my bank balance and my friends as I have ended up sober driving most weekends! I will be back off the wagon tomorrow night for a colleague's farewell. She has been here for 10 years and the owner has booked us a room at a restaurant. Food looks good but I will need to be careful - trying to be on a strict diet to lose 500*kg before the wedding in January. So far it has been a week and I have lost 30* grams.

Enjoyed reading about this guy today, who, despite the headline, doesn't actually seem sorry whatsoever about what he has done. His mum appears to be as angry as mine will be after I attempt to do the same with the Hauraki Gulf after Maria and Tim get married.

*all measurements approximated