Cutting off your Maserati to spite your face

Post date: May 16, 2013 11:12:30 AM

I wonder how Chinese man and hired hands got home? Getting on a bus would have been a bit of a let down

In an unusual show of emotion a Chinese man vented his anger at the Maserati dealers in Qingdao this week. Now as a non mechanical person myself I understand some of his frustration - here is what we are told.Rich Chinese man buys a Maserati - so far so good. Car is a bit of a dog and needs new parts while it is still under warranty. Car owner takes it back to dealer - parts get replaced - but not good Seems like this might have happened more than once. Some of the "new" parts are not new and at one point during the repair the Maserati gets scratched. Owner not happy - this is not his Maserati dream.

So at this point we are all pretty sympathetic - but that is about to change.

Car owner must have been beside himself with rage because when he finds out there is a car show in Qingdao and the Maserati dealer will be there he takes his car and some hired staff to car show; parks outside and then the hired hands proceed to smash up car with sledge hammers in this owners personal protest at the poor customer service provided by Maserati.

Here my sympathy is lost - talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face

Car does not look like it is in good condition now and I am pretty sure the Maserati dealer will be doing the Chinese version of "So what?"