Another possible honour for Sir Ed?

Post date: Mar 15, 2016 8:53:22 AM

News from NZ today that our newly designed banknotes have made their mark. Late last year the Reserve Bank introduced new notes across all the denominations - as the old notes die they are replaced by the fancy new ones. While the notes have been redesigned they features same faces as we've had for some time - Sir Edmund Hillary on the $5; Kate Sheppard on the $10; the Queen on the $20; Sir Apirana Ngata on the $50 and Lord Ernest Rutherford on the $100. Each note also has a different native bird and flower.

The new $5 note with Sir Ed, a yellow eyed penguin and the Mount Cook daisy are among 19 finalists for the world bank note of the year.

We will know next month if we have an award winning note. If he wins it will be another award among the long list he has received - though possibly his first post humus

Apparently Sir Ed was quite chuffed that his image was used on a banknote while he was still alive - the others, apart from the Queen, are all long dead. Used to open his wallet and when he pulled out the old $5 would say "Crickey" or similar. Now of course on the Queen is the only one of the crop among the living.

Perhaps someone should warn her that having your image on a banknote is a life threatening event. . . .