My world was rocked

Post date: Apr 12, 2012 10:30:10 AM


Tonight I am writing this from the couch in Nana's house. Nana is well - not much changed since yesterday in fact! I also saw Gran today and she is also looking good. Because I don't tell her when I am coming to Chch (in case I don't get time to visit) she is always delightfully surprised.

As I was working away in the Chch office today there was a 4.6 earthquake - a long rocking quake which certainly rocked the office. Mind you half an hour later a train went past the office and rocked it nearly as much! Gran was telling me she won't worry too much about today's quake as it was not a 5 - she can feel safer.

My life may have been rocked today but there was a woman in Denver who certainly felt being asked to put out her cigarette rocked her to her core. So here's the picture - busy airport terminal - which is smokefree. Woman spotted smoking cigarette in terminal. Approached by security and asked to stub out her cigarette. Woman did stub out cigarette and also began to remove her clothes, not stopping until she was naked in the middle of the terminal. Stayed that way for 20 mins. Her reason - sleep deprivation rocked her world.

May your wold be a secure stable place