Don't try this at home

Post date: Apr 28, 2012 6:0:14 AM

Kinky . . . or dangerous?

The question now becomes who? His family believe that his death was related to his spying work for MI6. Others are no so convionced and say it could be connected to his sex life. Apparently not too long before his death he had managed to tie hiself to his bed and then couldn't undo it so had to call for help.

Apparently the need to test out the theory is because a British spy was found naked and locked in a sports bag in a bath in his London apartment a couple of years ago. coroners investigation now underway. The evidence suggests "someone else was involved in his death" - no kidding!

We were just listening to the news and heard this:

Forensic experts have spent hours practicing but have come the conclusion that is impossible to lock yourself in a sports bag.

Apparently this one could be a case of finding an excuse