On being prepared

Post date: Jan 02, 2013 9:15:18 AM

There was a man in Australia this week who went on a walk - planned for it to be 3 days. Took some potatoes and naan bread. After 5 days his friends hadn't heard from him so they called the police. Search took place. Man found with injured ankle. He apparently refused treatment. He was fined $A500 for "lack of preparation"

Now whatever else you can say about travelling with the Kirbys lack of food is never something we would go short of.

Even today for our trip where we had planned stops for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea we still had juice, fruit, nuts and chocolate in the car "just in case"

I'm still wondering if hungry man with injured ankle is still walking . . . Having refused treatment for ankle did he get a ride the rest of the way??