Auckland ready or not

Post date: Jun 01, 2012 9:36:16 AM

Writing tonight from Maria's house from Auckland. Lovely to be here and as Maria just pointe doubt it is only the second time she has hosted her parents as a couple.

Had a great, but long day. Tony and I left our place just before 6 am as he took me to airport. He went home for breakfastetc before going to work. I flew up here, collected rental car then collected Maria at 8:30 am. Very good of her to get up early on her last day of holiday to come with her mother. We drove most of the way to Hamilton to a car racing track. Met up with young Matt, our Arthritis ambassador with ankylosing spondylitis. The 60 mins crew were filming Matt today, his mother and me. Was great to have Maria there adhere is lots of hanging Around for about 2 mins of filming.

When filming was finished we went to bank took out money (from Maria's account) and then to pay for Maria's new car.she will collect it tomorrow and be the proud owner of a silver grey Toyota Corolla. Her smile is v broad.

Tony arrived tonight and now at Maria's flat. Take care