It's a cow man

Post date: May 25, 2012 9:0:55 AM

Today has been a hard news day - lots of stuff about the budget - (including news releases from the v eloquent Sandra Kirby). This afternoons large aftershock in Chch took over for a while - the 42nd earthquake bigger than a 5 since Sept 4 2010.

But in amidst all of this is the wonderful tale of the herd of cows in the USA.

So Police in Massachusetts get a call on Sunday to say there are cows ion the loose. They go looking and because they are clever police they spot them soon after in a front yard.

About the same time they saw the cows the police heard screaming. Police raced in to save the screaming people and found the cows drinking the beer from party

The cows had knocked the beer cans over on a table and were lapping up what spilled, that wasn't enough they even started rooting around the recycled cans for some extra drops.