Call to the faithful

Post date: May 02, 2014 8:40:8 AM

So Wellington is the direction to which all mountain bike faithful will turn - wherever they are in the world.

The photo is one of Noel not the one from Dom!

Meant to post this earlier in the week but didn't. Better late than never. Piece in paper this week about how Wellington has the potential to be a Mecca for mountain bikers. What was most interesting is though these are Noel's words it is not him quoted. When we had dinner at Eleys on Sunday night this was exactly the conversation Noel was having with us ( note not the conversation we were having with Noel - when mountain biking is the topic really it is a monologue)But gist of Noel's position was that Wellington is the best city in the world for mountain biking. And in fact people travel from around the world for the Wellington tracks.

As an aside Noel did note that is not single minded in his choice of sport and does more than mountain biking. Mountain running, skiing, climbing, crazy man. He did acknowledge that mountain was a common thread.