Boris is actually more than boisterous

Post date: May 04, 2014 9:29:24 PM

Now this

so while Boris looks lovely - actually if he is guarding the property he lunges all his 46kg at visiting policemen or people coming to stay at B&B. if visitor weighs less than Boris then she will be knocked to ground, bitten, bruised and distressed.

We know Schnauzers can be boisterous - but biting is beyond the pale.

So for me Boris and the blue needle have a date

Court case a week ago said dog had to be destroyed.

Late last year one of my team members was bitten by a dog when checking into a B&B. As she was there for work it was a health & safety issue for us. Staff member v distressed and did seek medical attention for the dog bite. Anyway we laid compliant with local Council - and as dog had bitten before there was a court case

Been drama all the way through with owner harassing our staff member. Some of it very nasty - had to get Council and Police to intervene last year