Choose your leisure activity carefully

Post date: Dec 19, 2012 5:19:2 PM

Moral - it may be safer to play cards

Puts a whole new light on swinging from the light shades as a way of describing active sex.

Interesting item in yesterday's paper. Woman in Australia had won a several year court battle with her former employer and had been awarded earning compensation for an accident that happened while she was employed.

The woman worked in a role where she sometimes had to travel. When she travelled the company paid for a motel and associated travel costs. So far there is nothing unusual in this situation as anyone who has travelled for work can tell you. Must have been quite a hard day at the office because on this particular trip the woman after work had dinner in a hotel (again not exactly pushing the envelope)

While having dinner she met up with a man, they must have got on well because the two of them went back to hotel and while they were having sex a light fitting fell on the woman causing severe injuries to her face resulted in several operations long term damage, loss of job etc etc.

apparently the company had refused to pay compensation for loss of earnings as sex wasn't an authorised activity on work trips. Judge pointed out that if the woman had been playing cards in hotel room when the accident happened they still would have been liable; it was out of work hours and she was in the hotel on company business.