Airport security

Post date: Jul 19, 2012 9:44:55 AM

Tonight we went to Monsoon Poon with Liz, Noel and Marie. It is starting to sink in that Adrian leaves this weekend and this was his farewell dinner. Remarkable too because Adrian broke his dry spell, came off the wagon and all the other phrases that meant he had a drink, wait more than one. Appeared not to have lost his taste for alcohol.

Man in Oregon made the news this week - don't think he was drinking but he did turn up to airport was being scanned and the scanner detected nitrates. Man appeared to get upset by the body scanning so took all is clothes off so they could be scanned properly and was arrested for indecent exposure. My sympathy Is with man. By the time you have been through a body scanner that shows all of your body and had the wand passed up, down, around, between your legs and everywhere else you have been exposed.

But depending on what his body looked like maybe it was indecent. If he was good looking would he have been charged?