Saturday night and . . .

Post date: Jan 07, 2012 9:8:41 AM

I am sure there is at least one song title you can complete here!

Maria went home today and Adrian arrives back in Wellington tomorrow. We know how lucky we are to have not only a close family but also one of our children based in Wellington (for now)!

Today's big new in NZ is of course the hot air balloon accident in Carterton this morning that killed 11 people - 5 couples and the pilot. Nearly as many people killed in one blow as the Christmas road toll or the drowning for the summer. At least 6 families suffering tonight - some family members were watching because of course a balloon ride is the sort of gift you give family members at Christmas. Lots of discussion about how (un)safe hot air ballooning might be. Even I who would not willingly go up in a hot air balloon (would seem a waste for me as I'd have my eyes closed all the time) would have to say that despite today's tragedy the risks for ballooning are far fewer than most other past times people edge in - driving, jet boat riding, tramping, flying or whatever.

This is not the worst hot air balloon tragedy - 14 people got killed in Turkey in a similar accident.

There have to be lessons from tragedies perhaps for today these include:

    • Cherish each day - becauuse the unexpected can happen

    • Cherish the people you love - they won't always be with us

    • Life remains a risky business - some risks can be avoided but not all

    • Make each day count for you

Hope that whatever you are doing tonight it involves some pleasure and/or being with people you love.