Is there a market for this?

Post date: Jan 17, 2014 9:10:58 AM

We are back from lovely meal at Japanese restaurant where we ate well but not as exotic as M&S's Shanghai menu.Watching a episode of QI that made us laugh. Did you know that there is a patent taken out on an invention called a Toilet Snorkel. Apparently if you are in a high rise building and there is a fire before you get overcome by smoke you need to:

1. locate your handily placed Toilet Snorkel (not sure if hotel supplies these or you need to add it to your luggage)

2. work out how to thread snorkel through toilet and into sewer pipes using this handy 27 step guide

3. Suck in the not so fresh air

4. Wait for firefighters to find you or the building collapses

Here's an idea for next Secret Santa??