Faking it not necessarily the answer

Post date: Oct 03, 2012 6:44:14 AM

Because we were at an Italian restaurant and with Nick he. Did of course have pizza, which was immediately cut into a shape and photographed as part of the pizza a day for a year series. He is over 300 days in now.

Picture is unrelated to text except that this was the night we met Nick in a pretty authentic Italian restaurant in Edgware. Although we would note that the Fiat Bambina on the wall was not authentic, not only was it not a whole car it was made of fibreglass.

Saw a fascinating piece of research yesterday. Psychologists had used a mixture if real and fake branded accessories like sunglasses and randomised them so some people had fake accessories that thought they were real, some had real thought they were fake some had real and sme fake really if you get the permutations. Anyway the people who thought they were wearing fake accessories (whether or not they were real) were more likely to be dishonest in other transactions during the day and were more suspicious of other people - seeing people as more likely to be exaggerating or lying than those who were (or believed they were) wearing the authentic brands.

So cheating just ain't worth it