This one will be used as a tease for years to come

Post date: Apr 24, 2016 9:16:53 PM

We are enjoying our long weekend in Auckland. Costin is also visiting Auckland having his holiday with the Divers. We have enjoyed spending time with Divers and Costin. Mark & Adrian, possibly Stacey, you will notice a huge change in Maeve who has really grown up over the last year. No longer a little child in word or actions. For Lachlan this change happened a little while ago and we are honoured that he still wants to spend time with family.But Costin has been the star this weekend. He has revelled in the only child role being the centre of attention. On Friday night we were at dinner and Costin was disappointed that Tim wasn't in his Police uniform. Last night we had dinner at Divers but Tim was working so couldn't join us though he had said if it was possible he'd call in as Divers house is often in his patrol territory.

So we're at Divers being our loud boisterous selves. At one point Costin is shooting us. Maria pretended to text Tim. Costin starts to get worried "It was only my fingers, not a real gun". A bit later " We are family eh? It's ok to pretend to shoot if you are family".

Life carries on. About half an hour later Tim and his partner pull up and enter the house. Costin is not excited but petrified " It was only my fingers" he said, not once but several times and cried. As adults we did note that having 2 policemen in stab proof vests enter the house - even a huge house like Divers- is an imposing presence - they look intimidating even if your conscience is clear. Much worse with a guilty conscience and that was Costin's experience

Costin calmed down when he realised Tim was there for a visit - but cringed when the handcuffs came out. On being offered to sit in police car the answer was "Not if you under arrest me".

" It was only my fingers" and "Not if you under arrest me" will be right up there with quotes such as " Not the Hilton"